Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perodua xxx

Let's see something great !
Yes, it's a car ! Malaysian Product ! Perodua MPV !
This is the mpv in white colour, which is the Malaysian's favourite colour.
This is another one which is in dark red colour ! I like this colour ! Looks elegance !
The interior look of the new mpv. The three round things are weird. Lol
Then, the gauge !
The head lamp. Looks similar with myvi's head lamp.
Side mirror with signal light. Don't you think the signal light is too small ? Y don't make it bigger !
The last one, engine part. Using twin cam 16v. No idea what's the size and how many hp can be produced.
Hmm, overall, not bad, a nice car, for those who are going to buy myvi, why don't try this one, this one may be better than myvi since it's 7 seated! (Assumption, lol)